Northwest Energy, Administrative, and Environmental Law Classes

Mr. Sanger, in addition to the work he does in the firm, is a Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School as well as instructor for the Paralegal program at Portland Community College. Mr. Sanger has been teaching for almost a decade and enjoys teaching students about environmental, energy and administrative law while giving examples of how the law works in a practical setting. 

During the Fall term, Mr. Sanger will be teaching the Administrative Law course at Portland Community College. This course covers the processes of administrative law as it applies to state and federal agencies. It also focuses on specific administrative agencies, as well as career opportunities in the field of administrative law. This class begins September 28th and runs through December 14th.

This Fall, Mr. Sanger and Professor Jason Eisdorfer will be assisting Professor Melissa Powers with the course “Energy Law: Electricity Regulation” alongside at the Lewis & Clark Law School. This course will expose students to the legal, economic, structural, and social issues involved in electricity regulation and policy. Covered topics include: the history and evolution of regulation of electric utilities as monopolies, utility ratemaking, traditional state jurisdiction over utilities, the Federal Power Act, electricity restructuring, electricity transmission, and an introduction to renewable power policies. The course begins August 29th and runs through November 30th.

For the Spring semester, Mr. Sanger will teach the course “Energy Transition in the West,” also alongside Professor Eisdorfer at Lewis & Clark Law School. This course will discuss how the energy sector is currently evolving at a rapid pace as it grapples with climate change, swift technology advancements, changing customer expectations, and equity and environmental justice responsibilities. This class will introduce students to the fundamental energy sector laws and policies in the Northwest and throughout the Western United States, and how those laws and policies are transitioning to a new energy paradigm for the 21st Century while examining the fundamentals of utility regulation, including ratemaking and resource planning, and energy markets. This class is designed to emphasize practical understanding by studying actual issues before courts, agencies, and legislatures by using readings that are used and created by practitioners. The course begins January 10th and runs through April 11th.

Mr. Sanger will also teach “Environmental Law” in the Spring semester at Portland Community College. This class is a survey course covering substantive and procedural environmental laws and issues at the local, state, national, and international level. This course covers only some of the more important environmental laws and issues most relevant to the Pacific Northwest. The class will focus on laws, skills, and issues relevant to a paralegal working in the environmental law field. The exact dates have not yet been announced but will be in April to June 2023.

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