Archives for August 2016

Utah Commission Requires PacifiCorp to Enter into QF Contract

On July 29, 2016, the Utah Public Service Commission (the Utah Commission) required PacifiCorp (dba Rocky Mountain Power) to enter into a twenty-year power purchase agreement at higher avoided cost rates than were existence when PacifiCorp ultimately decided to sign the contract.   [Read more…]

Oregon Commission Hesitant to Approve Rushed RFP Processes

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (Commission) declined to approve both PacifiCorp and Portland General Electric (PGE) explored their options for acquiring new renewable resources. The utilities proposed expedited request for proposals (RFP) to take full advantage of the federal production tax credit (PTC), before it begins stepping down in 2017, to help meet the new renewable portfolio standards implemented by SB 1547. Neither utility will acquire new renewable resources at this time.   [Read more…]