NIPPC Releases Whitepaper on How Competition Improves Decarbonization

On July 20, 2022, the Northwest & Intermountain Power Producers Coalition (NIPPC) released a whitepaper titled “The Role of Competition in the Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Transition,” that examines how wholesale and retail competition in the power sector can contribute to the Pacific Northwest’s decarbonization goals.   [Read more…]

Utah and Oregon Commission Orders on PacifiCorp IRPs

On September 1, 2021, PacifiCorp filed its 2021 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC or Oregon Commission) and the Utah Public Service Commission (UPSC or Utah Commission). The Oregon Commission acknowledged the 2021 IRP, with conditions, at a public meeting on March 29, 2022, and memorialized that decision in an order on May 23, 2022. The Utah Commission declined to acknowledge the 2021 IRP in an order issued on June 2, 2022.  [Read more…]

Utah, Washington, and Oregon Commissions Approve PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP

At the March 10, 2022 Open Meeting, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (the Washington Commission) approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 request for proposals (RFP) with conditions in Docket No. UE-210979. At the April 14, 2022 Special Public Meeting, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (the Oregon Commission) approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP with several conditions in Docket No. UM 2193. In an Order from April 22, 2022, the Utah Public Service Commission (the Utah Commission) also approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP with conditions in Docket No. 21-035-52. PacifiCorp’s RFP was issued to the market in April and bids are expected to be due in January 2023.   [Read more…]

PacifiCorp Utah and Oregon GRC Orders

In late December 2020, the Utah Public Service Commission (Utah Commission) and the Oregon Public Utility Commission (Oregon Commission) issued separate orders on PacifiCorp’s Utah and Oregon general rate cases. On December 30, the Utah Commission granted an increase to PacifiCorp, dba Rocky Mountain Power’s (PacifiCorp) annual revenue requirement of $31.41 million. In its initial Utah filing, PacifiCorp sought to increase its retail rates by $95.78 million, or 4.8%. On December 18, 2020, the Oregon Commission ordered a decrease to PacifiCorp’s revenue requirement of approximately $20.9 million, representing a 1.6% decrease from the its previous rates. PacifiCorp’s initial Oregon filing sought an increase of $78 million, or approximately 6%.  [Read more…]

Utah PSC Modifies Rocky Mountain Power’s Avoided Cost Methodology

On January 23, 2018, the Utah Public Service Commission (Utah Commission) adopted updates and revisions to Rocky Mountain Power’s avoided cost pricing methodologies for qualifying facility (QF) resources. Rocky Mountain Power will now offer renewable resources of the same kind or type a renewable avoided cost rate based on the costs of a similar or a “like” renewable resource.   [Read more…]