NIPPC Releases Whitepaper on How Competition Improves Decarbonization

On July 20, 2022, the Northwest & Intermountain Power Producers Coalition (NIPPC) released a whitepaper titled “The Role of Competition in the Pacific Northwest Clean Energy Transition,” that examines how wholesale and retail competition in the power sector can contribute to the Pacific Northwest’s decarbonization goals.   [Read more…]

Oregon Commission Approves PGE’s 2021 RFP Final Shortlist with Conditions

At the July 14, 2022 Special Public Meeting in Docket No. UM 2166, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (Commission) acknowledged Portland General Electric Company’s (PGE’s) final shortlist for its 2021 All-Source Request for Proposals (RFP) with conditions. The Commission published an Order memorializing its decision on August 31, 2022. PGE will begin negotiations with bidders from the final shortlist.  
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Northwest Energy, Administrative, and Environmental Law Classes

Mr. Sanger, in addition to the work he does in the firm, is a Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School as well as instructor for the Paralegal program at Portland Community College. Mr. Sanger has been teaching for almost a decade and enjoys teaching students about environmental, energy and administrative law while giving examples of how the law works in a practical setting.  [Read more…]

Oregon PUC Resolves Interconnection Dispute

On April 29, 2022 in Docket No. UM 2164, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (the Commission or OPUC) denied the claims brought by Conifer Energy Partners, LLC against Portland General Electric Company (PGE) in a complaint disputing the cost of interconnection of its Zena Solar photovoltaic qualifying facility (QF). Zena Solar’s disputes with PGE had been ongoing since early 2018.  [Read more…]

Utah, Washington, and Oregon Commissions Approve PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP

At the March 10, 2022 Open Meeting, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (the Washington Commission) approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 request for proposals (RFP) with conditions in Docket No. UE-210979. At the April 14, 2022 Special Public Meeting, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (the Oregon Commission) approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP with several conditions in Docket No. UM 2193. In an Order from April 22, 2022, the Utah Public Service Commission (the Utah Commission) also approved PacifiCorp’s 2022 RFP with conditions in Docket No. 21-035-52. PacifiCorp’s RFP was issued to the market in April and bids are expected to be due in January 2023.   [Read more…]